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The Pigeons Manager is an online game where you can sell/buy pigeons, manage your own loft during the breeding season and you can also compete online with opponents of all over the world.

How it works
Pigeons Manager is free. You can manage your own loft through and with your internet browser. There are weekly races and you can manage and check your status whenever you want to. You can follow your birds, train them, sell/buy or only chat and exchange some ideas with other pigeon fanciers.

Pigeons Manager never comes to an end. If you win your league you will be promoted to an upper league. Are you ready for being famous on a national and an international level?

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Season: 40
Week: 10
Online user: 30
Last race: 8418 pigeons
Transfers last week: 1413
Forum posts last week: 0

APP Mobile
Big News for Pigeons Manager Lovers: The game will be available for Mobile Devices in 2024!

We are excited to announce that, throughout 2024, we will be launching a mobile application for our pigeon racing game! For all enthusiasts, you will now have the opportunity to play wherever you are. With the mobile application, players will be able to take care of their pigeons, participate in competitions, interact with other players, bid in auctions, all from their mobile devices. This is a significant step towards expanding Pigeons Manager!

Pigeon's experience is on and to stay!
I affects the way pigeons control there efford during the race, allowing them to better perform.
There are 2 factors that improve experience: racing and good results.

Right now
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