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Loft Value a 19-02-2015 - 23:10:04

As a result of the poll and after a long study, at 23h30m today (19/02/2015), the loft value will be calculated based on the total sum of the pigeons value.

Passwords a 07-11-2013 - 11:39:59

Due to recent events we ask all users to change their passwords urgently.

Pigeon's Age a 02-07-2013 - 22:32:05

This message is to clarify some doubts regarding the maximum age of the pigeons and their consequences.
The pigeons will disappear from the loft on the day they reach the age of 8.
Pigeons with five years will no longer evolve the skills through training!
Pigeons with 6 or 7 years accumulate more fatigue and will less likely achieve great performances in race day!

Experience!! a 21-05-2013 - 23:15:43

The experience will be the reflexion of all the races held by the pigeons, the more races and the better results will give more experience to the bird.
Soon the experience will appear in the pigeons stats, but it will only count to races results in the next season!

Server problems. a 17-02-2013 - 23:30:30

An internet connection failure on the servers prevented normal access for the users to Pigeons Manager last night, which has prevented some players for basketing.
Our administrators have been online until 02:00 and from 09:00. They did not encountered any problems, which leads us to believe that problems existed between that time.
Right now the game has no tools to go back and reset / redo the competition.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately these are situations that can occur and its prevention is out of our reach!