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 Pigeons Manager » RULES OF THE GAME


- After the inscription and after having it confirmed (clicking on the link received by e-mail), each player will randomly recieve 10 pigeons and 1500 units of money.
- Every player should start visiting his racing loft and get familiarized with his own pigeons.
- You can personalize your loft and baptize your pigeons (click on the number of the bird and then on the right side of the screen where "give it a name" appears.
- In "trainnnings" you can choose individually the type and the intensity of the trainning.
- In "Expenses" you can weekly choose what you want to spend with Health and Food.
- You can also pair your birds (click on the number of the pigeon, choose "send the pigeon to breeders" and choose "pair"
- In "auctions" every player has the possibility of sell/buy pigeons:
- On the menu "Buy-Auctions" one can see the birds that are being sold and bid where it says "negotiate". Check the rules.
- For selling birds, you should choose a pigeon from your racing loft, click in "sell" and choose the starting bid.
- In "races" you are able to check the results of the races already made and you can also see which and when are the next ones.
- Within the racing day, you are able to follow, ontime, the arrivals of each league.
- You are also able to bet in a pigeon of each league - check the rules of the betting system.


Everyday, you will be able to choose the type of trainning you think your birds are needing and every day you will see the results of your own choices.

Trainning intensity
As stronger you train, as better condition your birds achieve.
You decide the intensity of the trainning. You only need to choose a value between 0 and 100. The counterpart of high values of training is the decrease of motivation and makes it hard to keep their health in good shape. However, as an oposition, high intensity will increase the form of your pigeons.
Low values in the intensity of training help both the health and motivation, affecting negatively the form.
You should decide the kind of intensity you want for your birds. Use the discussion forum for questioning other pigeon fanciers.

Trainning categories
There are 6 different trainning categories. All of them improve a kind of characteristic but the chosen categorie may affect some of the others.
The loft where the birds are inserted also influences how the birds react to training. The breeding loft improves motivation, on the other hand, the racers loft helps increase form.


Betting System


Pigeons feeding is a very important role of the fancier! You may choose between many different kind of foods and also the quality of it.
More quality means more expensive food.
Every kind of food has differents properties, at pigeons training actualization, the pigeon evolution will be affected by the choosen type of food. All properties in food types has differents % of influence in the pigeons training.

Mini Leagues

- The mini leagues allow you to compete with players who are not in your main league.
- Each player may participate in a maximum of 5 mini leagues.
- You can enter a mini ligue in two ways, creating it or being invited.
- When you create a mini league, you can choose the maximum players and competitions that will count for the ranking.
- A mini league is only valid for the current season.
- After you click on the START button, no more players will be able to enter the league!
- This is system is still BETA, improvements will be done!

1. Tutorial
2. Introduction
3. Trainning
4. Betting System
5. Feeding
6. Mini Leagues

APP Mobile
Big News for Pigeons Manager Lovers: The game will be available for Mobile Devices in 2024!

We are excited to announce that, throughout 2024, we will be launching a mobile application for our pigeon racing game! For all enthusiasts, you will now have the opportunity to play wherever you are. With the mobile application, players will be able to take care of their pigeons, participate in competitions, interact with other players, bid in auctions, all from their mobile devices. This is a significant step towards expanding Pigeons Manager!

Pigeon's experience is on and to stay!
I affects the way pigeons control there efford during the race, allowing them to better perform.
There are 2 factors that improve experience: racing and good results.