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Train changes a 06-03-2012 - 21:57:11

Begining on Friday, 09/03/2012, the effects of training are no longer updated at 00h10m! Each bird will have its own update schedule. Each bird will have an hour/minute of the day on which the effects of the workout will be felt.
This measure is intended to give more dynamic to the training and to facilitate data processing, distributing it through the day.

Season 2 is over! a 05-03-2012 - 21:49:01

The second season of Pigeons Manager is over.
Congratulations to all the winners and all those who managed to be promoted!
During this week all prizes will be distribuite and the promotions and demotions will be done!

Attack! a 13-02-2012 - 14:40:37

In the last hours Pigeons Manager was target of an attack. A security flaw was exploited in order to discover the password for some users.
The problem is being solved, but we ask all players to change their password as soon as possible.

2012!!! a 31-12-2011 - 17:47:27

Pigeons Manager wishes an Happy New Year to everyone!

Capitalization a 19-12-2011 - 13:40:27

Once the money spent on improving the lofts enter the "coffers Pigeons Manager" it has to be redistributed. With the purpose of balancing the financial system of the game, this money will be distributed daily by all players.

News a 16-12-2011 - 11:24:41

After collecting several opinions and after several analysis made, it was implemented a solution that will bring more balance and strategy to the game.
From now on, on the “Expenses” field, it’s possible to calculate the price needed in order to have conditions for getting high leveled birds.
It was established a loft limit value identical to all lofts and now, each user should manage his own budget in order to achieve more and better economical conditions to his own birds and loft.
In this moment the improvement option is already available but you still don’t have any kind of limitations on your breeding and buying activities! Only after the 27th of December the restrictions will be on. Being said the above, the users who now have the loft limit higher, have til then to organize themselves.

Changes a 15-11-2011 - 10:46:50

Changes were made in training and not only! Read the rules carefully, which is well explained.
Good luck for Wednesday!

Season 2 a 13-11-2011 - 10:22:33

Wednesday is the first contest of season 2! We hope that the rest time was enough to have a season full of success!

Season 1 a 07-11-2011 - 16:47:30

Congratulations to all participants of Season 1.
During the current week will be awarded prizes to winners ans pigeons and all the promotions and demotions will be made.
There will also be published the schedule for the next season.
Get ready!!!

Costs changing a 01-11-2011 - 13:57:12

Changes have been made to the loft maintaining costs in order to balance spending among users.
Now, the value of the daily expenses of flying and breeding lofts are based on the value of pigeons. That is, the better are your pigeons, more you pay for maintenance.

History a 25-10-2011 - 14:25:22

You can now check pigeons history, go to the pigeons page and click in "history" at the right side ( still in testing ).

Betting System a 30-09-2011 - 15:14:51

Already available the new betting system. Try it!
Good bets ...

Multiple registrations a 30-09-2011 - 15:14:50

If you are already forbidden to register the same people twice, it's even worse when using user's money for fictitious sales and favor others.
These situations is being analyzed and users will be warned!

Soon a 30-09-2011 - 15:14:49

Soon there will be the league "2C" !!!

The Glory Chasers II a 30-09-2011 - 15:14:48

Good luck to all for the next race!

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